Treadmill with


  • You won't get bored
  • Train more effective
  • Totally safe
  • Children will adore it!
Watch the video presentation and flip on
are always interesting
Do you easily get bored while training?
Play in VR, don't notice the time of training! Your sessions will become longer, exciting, and, consequently, MORE EFFECTIVE!
Not only legs,
but arms as well
You engage ONLY LEGS while running on a regular treadmill.
SPORTA gives you an opportunity to choose the muscle groups you want to work on: arms, shoulders, back and more!
Turn sport
into a game for kids
Does your child spend the whole time playing computer games? That's your chance to change it!
Play sports with the whole family. You train and your child trains and plays at the same time with SPORTA
is about safety
Do you still think of falling down in VR goggles?
The safety system guarantees 100% protection from tripping and falling
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